Your First Visit

You’ll find plenty of convenient parking and a well-lit parking lot. You’ll be greeted by name when you enter our office and given a short tour to get you acquainted with our facilities.

MasterLogo1On your first visit, Dr. Waldron will sit down with you to get a complete understanding of your problem, and to make sure that chiropractic care is appropriate. Then he will do an extensive exam.

Waldron Chiropractic has all the necessary x-ray equipment onsite so you won’t have to go somewhere else if x-rays become needed.

Our clinic has become virtually paperless.  Our electronic patient records system is state of the art.  This means no more paper intake forms or questionnaires.

When patients call to come in for the first time, we register them in our system and send them an email that directs them to the patient portal. From there, they can fill out all the forms online.

In the office, we simply scan in any patient insurance cards and proof of identification.  Occasionally, a new patient won’t have access to the Internet, and in those cases we are happy to help them fill out the forms on our computer screens in the clinic.