Malpractice insurance rates point to safety of chiropractic care

dollar signWhen assessing the safety of any medical intervention, the least biased data will come from malpractice insurance carriers.  As an example, take a look at the following averages for medical malpractice costs for doctors in the state of Florida.

Internal medicine: $25,000-45,000/year

Surgical: $50,000-180,000/year

OBGYN: $110,000 – 200,000/year

Chiropractors: $500 – 3,000/year.

Malpractice insurance carriers do not use myth or bias to determine their premiums. They use raw data based on the likelihood a patient would suffer injury and/or there would be litigation against the doctor. The fact that chiropractors pay a fraction of a fraction of what all medical doctors pay for malpractice is a clear indicator as to its safety.


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