premera blue cross insurance


Insurance Company Information

* We do not pre-verify insurance payment benefits for patients. All insurance subscribers have access to their plan information by phone or online with their insurance company.

Waldron Chiropractic is in-network with:
  • Aetna
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • All Blue Cross & Blue Shield plans
  • Uniform Medical Plan
  • Medicare and Medicare replacement PPO plans
  • First Choice Health
  • Kaiser plans with First Choice Health
  • And several more
* As a courtesy, we will bill insurance companies that we are not in-network with. Payment is expected at the time of service.
Waldron Chiropractic is NOT in-network with:
  • CIGNA *
  • United Health Care *
  • Kaiser “CORE” plans
  • Most Medicare HMO plans
  • Washington State Adult Medicaid plans
* Many CIGNA and UHC plans include out of network benefits
* We also have “Time of Service” discount plans available for patient w/o insurance benefits
Waldron Chiropractic also accepts injury claims with:
  • All automobile insurance PIP claims/policies
  • Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
  • Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program
* We also accept some automobile injury cases when PIP is not available