Auto Accidents

What You Need To Know if You’re in an Auto Accident

It’s 7 p.m., and you’re headed home after watching your daughter’s play. The whole family is in the car chatting about the day’s events. The sky is already dark and the rain is coming down in torrents.

You pull up to a stop light and wait, somewhat impatiently, as the lines of cars take their turn through the intersection. There is a loud screeching of tires, you look into the rearview mirror just in time to see the car behind you slide into the back of your car. Everyone is okay, no one is seriously hurt, but the cars are in a crunch.

What do you do now?

There are several very important things to remember when you are in an auto accident.

1. Safety comes first.
Get off the road. If necessary, call 911.

2. Watch what you say
Don’t admit fault. Only speak to the other driver(s) to gather information and to make sure that everyone in the other car is okay.

3. Gather information
When in a auto accident gather the following information from the other people involved.
*Phone number
*Email address
*Model, make and year of the car
*License plate number
*Drivers license number
*Insurance carrier
*Insurance policy number

4. Take photos, if possible, of the location of the accident, the people involved and the damage to your car.

5. Gather the information of the police officer on scene. (Name, badge #, phone #, police report #)

6. Contact an attorney.

7. File your claim with your insurance company.

8. Seek medical attention. You may not feel the pain right away, but even small accidents can cause damage to your neck and spine. Seeing a chiropractor and a massage therapist can help you avoid further complications down the road.