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Here’s why NFL players swear by chiropractic care

Did you know that all 32 teams in the National Football League offer their players and personnel chiropractic services as part of the “medical team” for managing and preventing injuries? According to the league sources, this distinction is a benchmark for the profession and demonstrates the vital role that chiropractic care plays in optimizing athletic performance.

“The robust need for chiropractic care in the NFL has been deeply driven by the players’ desire for peak physical conditioning and not simply for injuries,” said Spencer H. Baron, D.C., DACBSP, Miami Dolphins team chiropractor for the past 14 years. “From the earliest years of full-contact football, their bodies are subject to structural stress that doctors of chiropractic (DCs) are specially trained to care for. Many DCs who provide their services to professional athletes travel with their respective teams throughout the season, treating players up until game time, during the game and sometimes immediately following.”

Former Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush has been receiving regular chiropractic care since playing football in high school and during his collegiate years. Said Bush: ”I look at chiropractic care as important to keeping me healthy and at the top of my game.”

Saints wide receiver Lance Moore also relies on chiropractic treatment to be game-time ready. ”Not only did my chiropractor get me back on the field, but he helped me to stay on the field. My body just feels much better overall because of the care I’ve gotten,” said Moore.

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