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Have a healthier Halloween with these treat ideas

kids22Before you buy that gigantic bag of candy from your local warehouse store, check out these suggestions from the Green Halloween website:

Food items (“treats”)

– Organic juice boxes or pouches

– Organic apple sauce snack packs

– Real-fruit strips and rolls

– Whole food bars

– Boxes of organic raisins and, where available, other organic dried fruits.

– 100% honey sticks — don’t give honey to children under the age of 2

– Raw or roasted nuts (ask parents before giving out nuts due to allergies)

– Trial size packs of dried veggie chips

– Organic granola/breakfast bars

– Trial/snack sized bags of organic cookies, crackers, or popcorn

– Individually wrapped pumpkin seed treats

– Individual “Jr” packs of organic nut butter (be sure to ask parents about possible nut allergies)

– Organic licorice bars, rope, and gum, (cut into pieces).

– Organic organic chocolate and candy.

– Individually wrapped organic herbal tea bags (all of those princesses will be delighted to have tea for their tea parties!)

Non food items (“treasures”)

    • – Acorns (kids love items from nature)

– Adhesive “bandages” with pirate, black cat and other fun themes (one per child. Great for older kids!)

– Barrettes or other hair things

– Beads

– Bean bags (homemade)

– Bells

– Charms

– Coins (US or non-US)

– Confetti-biodegradable, water-soluble

– Cookie cutters – mini

– Crayon “rocks” (soy-based)

– Earth tone feathers

– Elf and fairy items

– Fake jewels (lead free)

– Fortunes
– Glass rings

– Glass beads

– Jokes

– Large metallic star confetti or “fairy dust”

– Money

– Pencils

– Polished rocks/ skipping stones

– Printed items like word games, word search or crossword puzzles

– Pumpkins (mini, dried)

– Sachets (homemade)

– Seashells

– Seed Packets

– Soap

– Soy or beeswax crayons

– Spider confetti

– Stamps from foreign countries

– Stickers

– Yarn bracelets

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