From Dr. Waldron: Make a resolution to move better, live better in 2020

img1As we enter a new year, our thoughts often turn to resolutions that involved some form of self-improvement. Before you start that latest fad diet to drop 10 pounds, I’d like to suggest a very simple four-letter resolution: MOVE.

Most people know someone with joint pain, and joint replacement surgery—particularly involving hips and knees—is commonplace. What many do not know is that simple lifestyle changes can in some cases help prevent the need for this type of surgery and keep joints healthier longer.

So make a resolution to get off the couch or out of the office chair, and stand or move more each day. You don’t have to run a marathon or even buy a gym membership — take a walk, dance around your living room, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

We would be honored to help you on the road to better health in 2018. Call our office today at 425-778-9600 for an appointment.

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