Chiropractic and sports: From Super Bowl to Little League, better health equals better performance

599px-American_Football_1.svgDid you know that the Seattle Seahawks have a team chiropractor? In fact, all 32 NFL teams  — and many high school and college teams — have a doctor of chiropractic on call.

Health care personnel who serve professional athletes and teams generally encompass medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and support staff. Doctors of chiropractic are qualified to diagnose, treat and manage a broad spectrum of health conditions.  For athletes, chiropractic care helps to reduce the risk of injuries, and improve health and performance through enhancements in range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and other key factors.

Dr. Jim Kurtz, the Federal Way, Wash. chiropractor who works with the Seahawks, noted that the Seattle team entered the Super Bowl “with every available player on our roster healthy and ready to play.” Added Kurtz: “The end result was remarkable, and demonstrated the commitment and hard work put forth by all, including the athletes, the health care staff and management.”

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, Waldron Chiropractic looks forward to being part of your health care team. We have years of experiencing working with athletes of all ages and competition levels, from Little League to the big leagues. Call (425) 778-9600 for an appointment or email


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