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From Dr. Waldron: Opioid epidemic gets attention of Congress; chiropractic offers drug-free option

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The nation’s addiction to painkillers has gotten the attention of Congress, and it’s about time.

I’ve written several times here about the growing opioid epidemic in the U.S. and how unfortunate it is that medical doctors continue to prescribe this addictive painkillers — especially when chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to pain relief.

The U.S. Senate in March by a 94-1 vote passed legislation that would establish grant programs to help state and local governments improve education and treatment for drug abuse, encourage medical providers to reduce unnecessary prescriptions, commit resources to help veterans deal with addiction, and give local law enforcement and mental health officials tools to lower the death rate from overdoses.

The House of Representatives Energy and Commerce is scheduled this week to vote on a dozen bills aimed at stopping the opioid epidemic, and the committee chairman said those bills are on track to easily pass the House by next month.

I’m committed to educating the public about the value of exhausting conservative forms of care for both acute and chronic pain before resorting to higher-risk options, such as opioids. As a chiropractor, I advise my patients that taking prescription drugs for pain masks the symptoms without addressing the underlying problem. That may convince a patient that a musculoskeletal condition is less severe than it is, or that it has healed. This misunderstanding can lead to overexertion and a delay in the healing process or even to permanent injury.

I believe that people in pain should be informed of all management strategies, including non-drug approaches such as chiropractic, to reduce their risk of overuse and addiction.

If you are in pain, why not take the conservative approach first and see if chiropractic can help, without drugs or surgery? Call our office at 425-778-9600 for your consultation.

— Dr. Waldron

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