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From Dr. Waldron: In a car crash? I’m in your corner

For 20 years, I have successfully provided chiropractic care to people injured in motor vehicle crashes. An important part of what I do is coordinate directly with auto accident lawyers who will work hard to negotiate a settlement that covers all your expenses, including medical, direct and indirect costs.

To use a football analogy, when it comes to auto accidents, I’m the quarterback of the team that is protecting the rights of my patients to get a fair settlement following a car crash.  These steps include:

Identifying crash-related injuries through examination

Thanks to my extensive training and experience in auto accident cases, I am an expert at identifying the mechanism of injury that caused the patient’s condition. This is often a complicated and complex issue, such as body position at moment of collision, relative mass ratios of the vehicles and the number of collisions the patient has already experienced.

Most chiropractors become natural experts with these types of cases because of their advanced expertise with neuromusculoskeletal conditions related to injury. Objective examination details that specifically diagnoses each body region will quantify the injuries.

Documenting the care provided and the prognosis for recovery

To ensure the best outcome for your case, all care I provide must be medically necessary and the purpose of all care that is provided must be properly identified and explained. In addition, I work with the patient and his or her attorney to understand the prognosis associated with the injury, both in terms of future symptoms and how those symptoms will affect the patient’s regular daily activities — at work, at home and recreationally.

I work with your attorney to ensure the best outcome

My mission is to ensure your attorney has the information he or she needs to ensure you are taken care of following a car crash. This includes regular communication about your treatment plan, your progress and the steps we are taking to ensure you are on the road to recovery.  A good auto accident lawyer can counsel you on whether you should settle or hold out for a more appropriate offer. Your attorney also can determine whether you would benefit from alternative dispute resolution.

The bottom line: Get an attorney to protect your rights following a car crash

Many people feel fine immediately following an accident, and vehicles may look fine after car crashes, but it’s always better to cover potential losses upfront by retaining an auto accident lawyer. It may take days, weeks or even months for some people to experience pain, such as whiplash, headaches or back pain that may result in expensive, long-term treatment following car crashes.

If you have been in a car crash, call our office at 425-778-9600 for a consultation.

— Dr. Waldron

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