Massage is referred to as the manipulation of layers of muscle and soft tissues to promote circulation, relieve tension, and reduce stress. Different forms of massage have been used for thousands of years, and documents dating back to ancient Egyptians and Persians suggest the use of massage therapy for many ailments. Today it is widely accepted as part of many physical rehabilitation programs for healing, as well as in spas and resorts for relaxation and pampering. Massage aids in benefiting chronic conditions such as back pain, joint problems, muscle tension, and much more. People who have been in an auto accident, a work injury, or just suffer from back pain from everyday living can benefit from massage therapy. Millions of people also benefit directly from the stress and tension relief that massage therapy provides.

Here at Waldron Chiropractic we practice the technique of therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage differs from the spa massages seen in resorts in a number of ways. Spa massages tend to focus on soothing ambience and feelings of relaxation. While therapeutic massage can be relaxing for some, our main goals are to relieve muscle tension and to aid in the healing of back ailments. Often patients are sore following a massage session, and our massage therapist recommends icing the back to help soothe the muscles that were worked during the massage. The use of lotions or oils are often used to reduce friction on the skin, and commonly a chiropractic spinal adjustment precedes the massage to release tension and realign the spinal column.

We strive to treat patients as individuals, and listen to your specific ailments prior to massage therapy. Whether you are suffering from a recent auto or work injury, or lead an active life and want to maintain your health, we are sure that you will find massage therapy a valuable component of your chiropractic care.

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Healing Touch

As soon as our massage therapist begins working with your muscles, you will know you have chosen the right place.


Many insurance companies will provide full or partial reimbursement for massage therapy services. It’s easy to find out if your insurance company is one of them!

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